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ReaRView is back for 2019!  The only documentary film festival that examines today’s issues through yesterday’s lens. Experience twenty hours of curated films carefully chosen to investigate a Century of Hope & Identity.  See how desire defines who we are; how identity shapes history.  ReaRView Vintage Doc Fest, April 12, 13 & 14, 2019 in Cobourg, always informs, provokes and challenges.  Be there at Cobourg’s 60- seat The Loft Cinema and find out what you’ve been missing.

ReaRView 2019 offers nine two-hour sessions over the festival weekend. Each session focuses on one long(ish) doc, accompanied by shorts to fit.

The festival opens on Friday evening, April 12, with one of the greatest must-see docs ever: WOODSTOCK!  It’s a three-hour insight into the popular (counter) culture of 1969 at a rainsoaked-weekend, outdoor rock ‘n roll festival. WOODSTOCK has been described as ‘three days of peace and music’ and ‘breakfast in bed for 500,000’.  If you’ve already seen WOODSTOCK you’ll relish the nostalgia of seeing it anew. If you haven’t, you need to see what culture and identity was like 50 years ago.

Go back with us 100 years and we’ll show you Paul Cowan’s PARIS 1919 - based on Margaret MacMillan’s  award-winning book, Paris 1919: Six Months That Changed the World -  a tremendously engaging re-enactment of the Treaty of Versailles meetings that redrew the rules and the maps following the 1918 WW1 Armistice.

forbidden loveHere are some other titles to tempt your appetite: THE CHICAGO 10 focuses on the trial of some of the members of the protest movement that turned Chicago during the1968 National Democratic Party Convention into what Walter Cronkite called ‘a police state’. This film cleverly uses animation to work around the ban on cameras in the court room.  STORIES WE TELL is actor Sarah Polley’s self-searching doc that seeks her true identity within her own family. FORBIDDEN LOVE: THE UNASHAMED STORIES OF LESBIAN LIVES features frank 1990s  interviews with women who reminisce, often with humour,  about their closeted lives in the 1950s. REAL INJUN, by Cree film-maker, Neil Diamond, focuses often with a light-hearted touch on how Hollywood has stereotyped Native people for more than 100 years.


You can get advance tickets only through Cobourg’s Victoria Hall box-office. Booking charges will apply.

Full Festival Passes are on sale now. The $60 Full Festival Pass includes the entire weekend ticketed program, starting with Friday night’s 7 pm screening of WOODSTOCK. 

The advantage of the Full-Festival Pass is that it guarantees you entry to all the ticketed screenings up to ten minutes before show time. After that, all unoccupied seats go on sale as ‘rush seats’ at the single screening price. The single screening prices are: Friday $15, Saturday and Sunday $10 for each 2-hour session.

The $30 Day Pass tickets for Saturday and Sunday, April 13 & 14 will go on sale starting in early 2019 if seats are still available. These tickets guarantee entry for the day’s ticketed screening up to ten minutes before show time. After that, all unoccupied seats will be sold as ‘rush seats’ at the single screening price of $10.

Any unsold Full Festival Passes and Day Passes will be sold at the door. Single screening tickets will be sold only at the door.

The 10 am sessions on both Saturday and Sunday are free. Pass-holders will, naturally, be welcome to attend these sessions on a first-come basis.

You can book your ReaRView Pass now through Victoria Hall:

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