Did you know that the Marie Dressler Foundation offers Bursaries to students in Northumberland.  Full details at the Marie Dressler Foundation site here.

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September 27, 28, 29, 2019

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The Vintage Film Festival

Twenty seven years ago (1992), a group of film enthusiasts involved in the restoration of the Marie Dressler house had a wild idea. Why not hold a festival showing the films in which Marie Dressler had starred? This seemingly fantastic idea grew into the present form in which we show a variety of films generally made before about 50-60 years ago.  We will often, although not always, include a film starring Marie Dressler.

For more on Marie Dressler and the Marie Dressler Foundation, please go to the Marie Dressler Foundation Web site here.

The weekend is best enjoyed as an event and not just a collection of great movies. We start with a featured movie, then there's our Gala Reception followed by two films.  Then on Saturday we show a collection of six movies that range from very old, silent films starring Mary Pickford, Erich von Stroheim or Douglas Fairbanks, to talkies and musicals. On Sunday we show four movies and include a lunch time seminar with a knowledgable speaker.

Bursaries by Marie Dressler Foundation

Money raised by the festival goes to the Marie Dressler Foundation and one of their activities is to provide bursaries for students in Northumberland High Schools. For more information, please go to the Marie Dressler Foundation Web site.

Venue and Date for 2019

Note the dates for the 2019 Vintage Film Festival: September 27, 28, 29. Also note that all screenings and events are to be at Port Hope's 'atmospheric' Capitol Theatre. [Map here]. Why not make a note on your calendar?

The 2019 Festival will be held

September 27, 28, 29, 2019

Theme: Famous Cinematic Duos

(Struggle for tolerance and equal rights)

Sunday April 30, 2017

1:00pm – 3:00pm      

Vistas: Boxed In (2009, 4 minutes, NFB)
A young woman of mixed ancestry struggles with an Equal Opportunity Form that requires her to respond to the dilemma: Ethnicity - Choose One.

Making Movie History: The Women (2014, 11 minutes, NFB)
Profiles a selection of pioneering French female filmmakers from the history of the NFB who speak frankly of the challenges and joys of making films for, by, and about women.

In the Shadow of Gold Mountain (2004, 43 minutes, NFB)
Stories from the last survivors of the Chinese Head Tax and Exclusion Act, a set of laws imposed to single out the Chinese as unwanted immigrants to Canada from 1885 to 1947.

Doctors Without Residency (2010, 10 minutes, NFB)
Highlights how discrimination prevents foreign-trained doctors from practising in Canada – even after they've received their Canadian qualifications.

Every Child (1979, 6 minute, NFB)
This film illustrates one of the ten principles of the Declaration of Children's Rights: every child is entitled to a name and a nationality. The film took home an Oscar® for Best Animated Short Film.

Tragic Story With a Happy Ending (2005, 7 minutes, NFB)
A little girl finds acceptance in embracing her own difference.

Before They Are Six (1949, 17 minutes, NFB)
As women entered the workforce in greater numbers during WWII, their young children were cared for by others.  An intriguing portrait of the nascent mid-20th century world of work for women and their families.

Making It (2006, 10 minutes, NFB)
An inspiring portrait of Black youth who have made their ambitious dreams come true through willpower.

Careers and Cradles (1947, 10 minutes, NFB)
A snapshot of the revolutionary change in status enjoyed by women between the turn of the 20th century and 1947.

O Canada (1997, 2 minutes, NFB)
A rousing rendition of our national anthem.

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