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2022 Films

Only days left until the
2022 Festival.

October 21, 22, 23, 2022

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Film Trivia 2021

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Program for the Twenty-Ninth Annual Vintage Film Festival

Advance Program Information

Tickets will be available in summer 2022 - see the Ticket page. The best value by far is the Festival pass which gives you:

  • The 13 program movies
  • The very popular "Brown bag Lunch" - the speaker for 2022 has now been announced

Note that registration at the door is required.  Singles will be available at the door (and online) at $10.00 for each movie.

Below is a list of the films to be shown.  Click the Title of any film to go to a page with additional information.  For each film, you will go to a page of information including photos, a review and a trailer.

Theme - Breakout Roles

Note program is subject to change - times on Friday are especially subject to change. Covid precautions will be as required and if required.

Friday 21 October 2022

Time Films Stars and Director Run time Sponsors
03:00 pm Registration      
04:00 pm East of Eden (1955) Dean, Massey, Van Fleet - Dir: Kazan 118m  Alma & John Draper
06:00 pm Break      
07:00 pm Welcome/Announcements      
07:05 pm The Awful Truth (1937) Dunne, Grant, Bellamy - Dir: McCarey 90m  
08:35 pm Break      
08:55 pm Frankenstein (1931) Karloff, Clarke, Clive - Dir: Whale 70m  

Program finishes at approximately 10:05 pm

Saturday 22 October 2022

Time Films Stars and Director Run time Sponsors
08:30 am Registration      
09:00 am National Velvet (1944) Taylor, Rooney, Crisp - Dir: Brown 125m  
11:05 am Break      
11:25 am Tess of the Storm Country* (1914) Pickford - Dir: Porter 80m  
12:45 pm Lunch Break      
02:00 pm The Last Picture Show (1971) Shepherd, Bridges - Dir: Bogdanovich 118m  
04:00 pm Break      
04:20 pm Funny Girl (1968) Streisand, Sharif, Pidgeon - Dir: Wyler 151m  
06:50 pm Dinner Break      
08:00 pm The Producers (1968) Mostel, Wilder - Dir: Brooks 88m  
09:30 pm Break      
09:45 pm Little Caesar (1931) Robinson, Fairbanks Jr. - Dir: LeRoy 79m  

Program finishes at approximately 11:05 pm

Sunday 23 October 2022

Time Films Stars and Director Run time Sponsors
08:30 am Registration      
09:00 am Two Women (1960) Loren, Belmondo - Dir: DeSica 101m  
10:40 am Break      
11:00 am He Who Gets Slapped * (1924) Chaney, Shearer - Dir: Seastrom 95m  
12:35 pm Lunch – Brown Bag lunch Seminar      
01:50 pm This Gun For Hire (1942) Ladd, Lake, Preston - Dir: Tuttle 81m  
03:10 pm Break      
03:30 pm Twentieth Century (1934) Barrymore, Lombard - Dir: Hawks 91m  

Program finishes at approximately 5:00 pm
* silent with live piano accompaniment

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Pianist for 2022 

Jordan Klapman - to be confirmed

Jordan Klapman

Jordan's Bio here

Jordan Klapman's Web site 

Go here for more on piano accompaniment to Silent films.

Silent Auction

There will be a silent auction starting at 4:00 pm Friday and closing at 7:00 pm Saturday

Although we try to avoid changes, the program is subject to change without notice

Films shown in earlier years.