Only days left until the
2018 Festival.

October 12, 13, 14, 2018

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Film Trivia 2017

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Program for the Twenty-Fifth Annual Vintage Film Festival

This year, given the big 150th anniversary celebrations in Cobourg and Canada wide, the Theme for the Festival is Canadians in the Movies.  All movies will feature a Canadian Director or lead Actor/Actress.

Ticket prices are the same as last year but agaiin there is a discount if you buy early.  Otherwise there is a small premium for buying after September 15th. The best value by far is the Festival pass which gives you: 

  • The 12 regular program movies
  • A bonus movie Friday afternoon (for Friday and Weekend pass holders only).
  • The Gala Reception with light refreshments
  • The very popular "Brown bag Lunch" - the topic this year will be Impact of Canadians on Hollywood and the speaker will be critic, author, lecturer and festival programmer, Geoff Pevere.

Note that registration at the door is required. You can also buy the Friday Gala only (includes 3 films and Reception) and/or a "Four-pack" of 4 movies at a discounted price. Singles will be available only at the door at $10.00 although singles for silent films with live piano accompaniment will be $12.  Note that this premium does not apply to holders of "Four-Packs".

Full Ticket Information here.

Below is a list of the films to be shown.  Click the Title of any film to go to a page with additional information.  For each film, you will go to a page of information including photos, a review and if available, a trailer.

Canada 150 - Canadians in the Movies

Friday 13 October 2017 - Opening Night

Capitol Theatre - Port Hope - Note venue change from previous years
Although we try to avoid changes, the program is subject to change without notice 

Click Titles for additional information about each film

  Program Leads and Director Sponsor  
03:30 pm Registration      
04:00 pm Rear Window (1954) Stewart, Kelly, BURR - Dir: Hitchcock Phyllis Hendry 115m
06:00 pm Reception      
07:00 pm Welcome/Bursary Presentation      
07.15 pm Gilda (1946) Hayworth, FORD - Dir: Vidor Harriet & Greg Binkley 110m
09:05 pm Break      
09:20 pm It Started With Eve (1941) DURBIN, Laughton - Dir: Koster Leslie Benson
Meet At 66 King East

Program finishes at approximately 10:55 pm

Saturday 14 October 2017 - Saturday at the Movies

  Program Leads and Director Sponsor  
08:30 am Registration      
09:00 am And Then There Were None  (1945) HUSTON, Fitzgerald, Auer-Dir: Clair Langhorne Irwin
10:40 am Break      
11:00 am Manhattan Madness * (1916)
and Confidence * (1909)
FAIRBANKS, Dir Allan Dwan
Miles Dir: Griffith
David & Dianne Halliday 50m & 10m
12:00 pm Lunch      
01:00 pm The Women (1939) SHEARER, Crawford - Dir: Cukor Lynn Hardy, RBC Wealth Management 132m
03:15 pm Break      
03:35 pm In The Heat of the Night  (1967) Poitier, Steiger -  Dir: JEWISON Patrick Houlihan, RBC Wealth Management 109m
05:25 pm Dinner      
07:00 pm Dr. No  (1962) Connery, WISEMAN - Dir: Young Chris & Brenda Worsnop
June and David Chambers
08:50 pm Break      
09:10 pm Forbidden Planet (1956) PIDGEON, NIELSEN - Dir: Wilcox Ross Pigeau and Carol McCann 98m

Program finishes at approximately 10:50 pm

Sunday 15 October 2017 - Last but not Least

  Program Leads and Director Sponsor  
08:30 am Registration      
09:00 am The Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933) Atwill, WRAY - Dir: Curtiz Lynch Rutherford Tozer 77m
10:20 am Break      
10:40 am Tillie's Punctured Romance* (1914) DRESSLER, Chaplin - Dir: SENNETT Les and Cathie Houston 86m
12:05 pm Lunch - (Brown Bag Seminar)      
01:30 pm The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946) Turner, CRONYN - Dir: Garnett David McCaig 113m
03:25 pm Break      
03:45 pm 42nd Street  (1933) Powell, KEELER - Dir: Bacon Barbara Garrick 89m

Program finishes at approximately 5:15 pm

* silent

BOLD CAPITALS indicate a Canadian

Note that the detail page for each movie includes the cast, photos, review and where available, a trailer. Click each title to see the detail pages.
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Piano accompaniment to silent films

Pianists for 2017 

Bill Omeara

Bill O'Meara


Web site









Jordan Klapman



Jordan Klapman


Go here for more on piano accompaniment to Silent films.

Sponsor of Pianists: Rick and Betsy Miller

Although we try to avoid changes, the program is subject to change without notice

Films shown in earlier years.