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Only days left until the
2024 Festival.

October 18, 19, 20, 2024

Based on 2017 VFF Program


  1. What iconic 1939 role did Deanna Durbin have to forgo because of scheduling conflicts?
  2. Who did author Ian Fleming have in mind to play 007?
  3. Does the voice of the private eye in The Postman Always Rings Twice sound oddly familiar? Why?
  4. Norma wasn't the only Shearer to make a name in Tinseltown. Who were the others?
  5. Of Norman Jewison's 23 films, which was his most successful?
  6. Which Bond film holds the record as the most successful in the franchise?
  7. Who starred in the 1998 reboot of Rear Window?
  8. Here's a tough one. The second, third and fourth Best Actress Oscars were awarded to Canadians. Name all three.
  9. How many films did Grace Kelly make with Alfred Hitchcock?
  10. Three generations in show biz, what accomplishment can the Huston family claim as their own?


  1. Dorothy in The Wizard of 0z.
  2. David Niven. Connery is said to have been awarded the part because he was the only candidate willing to sign a five-picture deal.
  3. Because it belongs to none other than Alan Reed, who later became the voice of none other than Fred Flintstone.
  4. Norma's older sister, Athole, was an actress in her own right and married screwball­ comedy director Howard Hawks. Their big brother, Douglas, was renowned for his abilities in sound technology and special effects. He earned 21 Oscar nominations and won seven.
  5. Shot in Toronto, Moonstruck (1987) was a smash hit and critically acclaimed. Cher won an Oscar for her starring role, while Jewison was nominated for best director. It lost best picture to The Last Emperor.
  6. Skyfall (2012) has earned a whopping $1.1 billion in box-office sales.
  7. Christopher Reeve took the Jimmy Stewart role and the part was tweaked to accom­modate his disability. It was Reeve's first role after his tragic fall from a horse that left him a quadriplegic.
  8. Mary Pickford got the second-ever Oscar nod in 1929. Norma Shearer won in 1930 and Marie Dressler in 1931. All of them were raised in Canada. The latter two are featured in this year's roster here at the VFF.
  9. Rear Window was their second collaboration. Just prior. they worked together on Dial M for Murder and in 1955 they teamed up again on To Catch a Thief
  10. Grandpa Walter, father John and daughter Anjelica have all won Oscars. The next family to have a similar claim are the Coppolas, including Francis Ford Coppola, his daughter, Sofia, father Carmine and nephew Nicolas Cage.